Solar Panels… Is There A Best Location?

Learn about where the best place to have solar panel is located.

Would it surprise you to know that Missouri is the number two state in the US for Solar energy potential per capita? Turns out there is more to good solar energy production than blazing sun year round. Yes sunlight is important however, air temperature, winds and humidity also play an important role in ideal conditions to produce solar energy.

Solar panels do work most efficiently in direct sunlight however they will still work in cloudy conditions by collecting light energy reflected off the clouds. Areas where frequent rain occurs will help keep your panels working their best by washing away any dust or dirt from the surface. Water and shade also help keep panels cool which increases efficiency. Did you realize the hotter above 78°F it gets outside, the less efficient PV panels are at converting sunlight to electricity?

So how do you know if your home is a good fit for Solar? We are here to help! Use our Solar Estimator to get information tailored for your home.

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